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Market Research & Marketing Solutions

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We help brands grow by providing them with the market research solutions they need

What makes us different?

Our strategic insights help businesses build brands that resonate with the consumer

At Masutane we are consumer story tellers

We authentically translate African consumer truths & stories

We help brands create more meaningful connections with consumers

Over our 20 year journey we have evolved to become known as African Consumer Insights specialists.
We provide services to both our corporate clients and our partner agencies.

Our project management system, and our development programmes for our suppliers, teams, SMMEs and Market Research talent through our Market Research Academy, is what makes us different

Our clients enjoy a powerful value chain that spans from recruitment to analysis, providing layered insights at each step of the research journey

Qualitative Research

We provide a range of services to understand and connect with consumers, enhancing your brand’s impact and market presence.

Brand Positioning & Research

We help define and refine your brand’s market position, ensuring it resonates with your audience and stands out from the competition.

Consumer Research

We delve into consumer behaviors and preferences, providing actionable insights to inform your marketing strategies and product development.

Shopper Research

We analyze shopping habits and decision-making processes to optimize the shopper experience and improve sales performance.

Concept, Product & Packaging Evaluations

We evaluate concepts, products, and packaging to ensure they meet consumer expectations, providing critical feedback for refinement

Ideation & Strategy Workshop

Our workshops foster creative thinking and strategic planning, helping your team develop innovative ideas from concept to execution.

Consumer Immersions

We facilitate immersive experiences to gain a deeper understanding of your consumers’ lives, informing empathetic and effective marketing strategies.

Industry Solutions

We provide tailored industry solutions, combining expertise and insights to address specific challenges and drive growth in your sector.

Category Research

We analyze market trends and behaviors within product categories, helping you understand dynamics and identify growth opportunities.

Our Geographic Footprint

We authentically translate African consumer truths and stories across diverse regions. With experience in multiple countries and a strong presence in all major South African provinces, we effectively engage both urban and peri-urban areas.

Masutane - Geographic Footprint

Broad Regional Expertise

With extensive experience across South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, and Uganda, we translate authentic African consumer stories.

Strategic Market Reach

We are well-resourced in Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, targeting mass markets (Black LSM 5-7) and the middle class (Black 8-10), focusing on youth and teens.

Comprehensive Provincial Coverage

Our presence spans all major South African provinces, engaging effectively in both urban and peri-urban areas.

Clients we work with

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Client Testimonials

Pulse Research partnered with Masutane on a large and complex project. We found that Masutane added immense value at each stage of the process and went the extra mile whenever it was required. We look forward to doing similar joint ventures with Masutane in future.

Malcom Keevy

Malcom Keevy

Pulse Research

We have done a lot of work with Masutane and they’re our most trusted partners when it comes to qualitative consumer insights. The team is very professional and passionate about their work and they have worked with us as partners, developing strong category understanding which has driven very insightful and impactful decisions though research.

Nomalanga Dube

Nomalanga Dube

Nestlé S.A.